Mirth and Happiness: BE HERE NOW – Mantra Necklace


Mirth and Happiness: BE HERE NOW – Mantra Necklace, made with Natural Violet Jade and Solid Silver Beads


“BE HERE NOW” Mantra Necklace: Let this mantra remind you to be present, to be in the only moment that really exists: The NOW

Necklace: Violet Jade Gemstone and Solid Silver Beads,  Mantra Pendant and Enclosing Toggle, with brand engraving, made by hand,  adjustable size

Violet Jade: Stone of  Mirth and Happiness
Balances Crown and Third Eye Chakras
Protects Human Aura
Increases insight and stimulates ideas
Attunement and Alignment with our personal Divine path
Encourages the letting go of self-imposed limitations

“With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come” – William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (Act I, Scene I).

More details:
– High-quality, certified recycled 925 Sterling Silver, (which means no additional mining necessary for the creation of this piece)
– 100% natural stones, coming from Mother Earth. Therefore, each gemstone is unique and may come in variations of color, pattern, and texture
– Fully handcrafted by Balinese artisans
– Unisex
– Beads approximate size: Violet Jade 4mm; Silver 2.5mm
– Packaging sourced and made by Balinese community using only recycled and sustainable materials
– Shipping cost on us, anywhere in the world 🙂


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